What is theClinicians?

It is a free application aims to enhance the way of communication between doctors to help each other and facilitate communication between doctors and their patients in safety and privacy and raising the level of health care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the application has won the first place for the King Khaled Prize – Development Partners Branch for 2016, this award seeks to honor initiatives that make significant difference in the life of people inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Features

Real Physicians
All users on theClinicians network are verified healthcare professionals registered with the Saudi Council of Health Specialties.
Responsive & Familiar Design
Chat using text, send an image of that unusual ECG or just talk over the phone!
Private & Secure
Discussions are private. They are not stored anywhere nor are they shared.theClinicians also meets all HIPAA data security standards.
There are no fees associated with theClinicians. At no time will information be sold.
Patient Portal
Invite your patients to a secure private chat session while maintaining professional boundaries so you can share simple information with your patients and receive questions

How it Works ?


Who can use theClinicians?

Currently, theClinicians is available only to licensed physicians by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.

How will theClinicians share my information?

Your name will be shown when you interact with other users in the app. Your Saudi Council for Health Specialties registration number will never be shown to other users or shared with other parties. Your privacy within the app is important to us. It will not be possible for other users to find you by your name or specialty. We will not sell, share, transfer or rent any personal information to other parties. For more details, please check our privacy policy.

How can I sign up?

You can register within the app. You’ll need to provide a valid Saudi Council for Health Specialties registration and mobile phone number.

How does theClinicians make money?

theClinicians is a not-for-profit project. It is currently being supported by the Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) as part of their community service efforts. Our goal is to improve access to specialist knowledge and expertise in order to improve the delivery of healthcare in Saudi Arabia . If you’d like support our cause please contact us.

What does patient portal means?

It is a communication channel between doctors and patients through which the doctor can invite his patient using the patient’s mobile number, where the application sends an invitation to the patient, and as soon as the patient accepts the invitation and download the application, a special window opens for both the doctor and the patient to communicate through the application only. Without sharing the doctor’s mobile number.

As a patient, how patient portal is useful to me?

Through this service, I can communicate through the application with all my doctors for all family members in private and secure way, after I receive an invitation. This facilitates communication with my doctors at the appropriate times, without the need to wait for the appointment of the clinic, The crowding of patients, mainly when the followup is does not require hospital; visit, such as reassuring about the sugar level after changing the dose of the medicine, or inquiring about some medical matters after surgical operations, or if the patient is in another city and many other examples.

As a doctor, how patient portal is useful to me?

As a doctor you would need to follow up about your patient’s condition after clinical visit or discharged from hospital and as a doctor perhaps you don’t want to share your personal phone number, patient portal can be used as a way of communication with your patients mainly for cases that do not require patient’s personal presence such as following up the patient’s lab results after surgeries, Or follow-up medications, and others.